Thursday, November 11, 2010

BEEF: Antoinette vs MC Lyte

Everyone knows about Jay-Z vs Nas, KRS-One vs MC Shan, East coast vs West coast and all that, so I thought I'd shine some light on a lesser-known rap beef from the late 1980s that inspired some classic songs.

In 1987, rap duo Audio Two (biological brothers Milk Dee & Gizmo) released their single "Make It Funky," but it was the b-side "Top Billin" that really took the cake. With a stripped-down, staggered beat based on The Honeydrippers' classic "Impeach The President" drum break and a non-stop assault of quotable lines, the song was an instant classic.

Later that same year, producer Hurby "Luv Bug" Azor, known best for his work with Salt-N-Pepa (now waaaait a minute, this jam ain't for everybody, only the sexy people), released a compilation entitled "The House That Rap Built." It featured Hurby's production with raps from Salt-N-Pepa, Fabulous 2, and Antoinette. Over a beat which was inspired by "Top Billin" to say the least, Antoinette came out swinging, takin' shots at the top female rapper in the game at the time, MC Lyte, who just so happened to be the younger sister of Milk Dee and Gizmo from Audio Two. Have a listen:

Well, Lyte was listening... and then dropped "10% Dis" aimed right at Antoinette:

DING DING DING next round! Antoinette returns with "Lights Out, Party Over"

More more more... MC Lyte comes back with "Shut The Eff Up! (Hoe)"

I'm pretty sure this was the final round, Antoinette's "Unfinished Business"

Who do you think won?

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  1. Well call me bias, but Lyte will always be the best since she writes her own rhymes. You can tell Antoinette's rhymes are written by Hurby Luv bug. Same rhythm and arrangement has Kid and Play and Salt and Pepa's old jams.

    Sorry Antoinette wasn't the truth.

    Also Lyte finished the battle because in Shut the eff up, she mentions "unfinished business"

  2. Ok I guess nobody here done their homework! ! Cause it's clear if you did you would know first Hurby was a popcorn writer. Antoinette lyrics was far from popcorn! As for the battle Lyte only wins cause of her popularity. Lights out in my opinion beats 10% dis and Shut the eff up. Antoinette lyrics was so hard they compared her to be the female Kane. So much they did a record together. I'm a Lyte fan too but you can't sleep on Antoinette!!!

  3. Antoinette won. Everybody who is a hip-hop head knows this. Lyte had more popularity and I love lyte but Antoinette was a beast. That album cost over 100 dollars it's a collector's item.

  4. Antoinette won she rap the hardest as for MC lyte she was to lyte weighted for Antoinette rhyming skills

  5. I love antionette but LYTE won her raps were better and she sounded better, she sounded so hard. Antionette sounded great but she didn't write her songs and she sounded like all the female rappers out. LYTE had off beat rhyms that destroyed a lot of careers and he really lyrics were and are timeless. They started out equal both were new but LYTE had the real hits antionettes beat songs were diss records not her actual radio made songs.

  6. Who made the most money....Don't tell me that doesn't tell who's better.When the game is over and the buzzer goes off....Who's still standing. Same with Jay Z and Nas...who sold the most shit...Shut up! Mcdonald's trumps Burger King period! Sell Sell Sell