Monday, November 8, 2010

Seven from BK-One

We are counting down the days until the next edition of EXTRA LARGE with music from myself and my special guest DJ BK-One! Most of you know BK from his decade-long stint DJing for Brother Ali. Some of you might have picked up his fantastic "Radio do Canibal" record. It's not every day that BK gets behind the turntables to rock a party like this, so you will not want to miss out on catching him spinning this Friday night!

To help get everyone in the mood to dance, I asked BK to contribute a few of his favorite new and classic cuts from his music collection to share. I asked for five - he gave me seven! Read on and download seven bangers spanning the global and musical map.

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OK, BK-One, take it away!

1) Darwin Jones Untitled
An unreleased disco/boogie bomb from Darwin Jones and his Tulsa buddies. After doing a bunch of session work out in California, Jones was given free reign to noodle around in Sly Stone's home studio. This is the result.

2) Débruit 149 Dalston Airline
Debruit's squiggly keys and choppy vocals are easily my favorite discovery of 2010. The Paris-based producer makes amazingly catchy, but bizarre tracks that sound familiar and exotic at the same time.

3) Luiz Carlos Vinhas Yê-Melê
The pianist from Bossa Tres goes for dolo. Someone should use those opening vocals. Come to think of it, there's a King Crimson sample that might sound good with them.

4) The Shangri-Las Bull Dog
Since I stopped DJing for Ali, I've been working on making my DJ sets more diverse, trying to reflect more and more of the sounds that you might hear playing around my house. I've had an especially good time throwing in oldies (doo-wop, girl groups, original rock & roll, etc...) alongside all the hip hop, funk, and tropical records that I've been playing for years. The Shangri-Las are one of my favorite girl groups. Those hand claps, along with the slightly distorted vocal harmonies and a dope harmonica solo, make this a no-brainer.

5) Ned Doheny Get It Up For Love
Can't go wrong with some blue-eyed soul in the mix. This album has an absurdly cheesy cover and homie's name is Ned, but this is undeniably smooth. Co-written by Hammish Stuart (Average White Band).

6) The White Shadow Funk Strut
A four minute Troutman-on-meth funk freakout that was inspired by Batman/Jack Nicholson? Yes please!!! The White Shadow is an old school DJ from Norway that was down with BDP and named himself after the late-70's CBS show about a Bulls player turned South Central teacher. Do I really need to say more?

7) Los Silvertons La Moto
Earlier this year, I had two back-to-back DJ nights in Arizona. The shows couldn't have been more different from each other (one was a club night full of drunk downtown kids in Tucson, the other was at a dusty saloon full of black cowboys and cross-dressing art kids out in the middle of the desert), but the two crowds shared an attitude that led to some of the most fun I've ever had DJing. They were excited to dance, and open to hearing anything I had for them. By the end of each night, I was pulling stuff like this Peruvian garage rock record out just to see what they would do...and they never disappointed. Wouldn't have ever guessed it, but Arizona set the new standard by which my DJ gigs are judged. Excited to see Minneapolis rise to the challenge this Friday!

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