Thursday, January 6, 2011

Andrew Broder's Beatcast

He doesn't have Twitter or Facebook, so I'm gonna brag about this for him. My friend Andrew Broder's latest venture (one of his latest ventures - more on that in a moment) is a series of live mixes created using a turntable, mixer, drum machine, keyboard, and a looping pedal. Using live loops, he layers different clips of records on top of each other, creating new songs on the fly.

You can check that out here: Andrew Broder Beatcast

Here's a sample of what to expect:

I first met Andrew at Paint Louis '98, a graffiti get-together I helped organize in St. Louis. Then a lanky, record-collecting graffiti and music weirdo, Andrew has since grown up to be a ... lanky, record-collecting graffiti and music weirdo. I followed him from his skratch-heavy underground rap mixtapes to his mind-blowing DMC DJ battle routines to his "rap mixtape with guitar solos" project which eventually became his one-man-band The Fog. The first Fog album was a huge leap from his Company Flow and Three Six Mafia mixtapes - a collection of depressing, engaging, and paranoid songs created using records, guitars, drums, bass, trumpets, and any other instrument Andrew could get his hands on. Fog developed into a full steam ahead rock group, closing out their long and winding career with "Ditherer," one of my favorite rock albums of the last decade.

I'm really excited about Andrew's return to more hip hop-based music, but I'm also super excited for his new band The Cloak Ox. Picking up where "Ditherer" left off, Andrew's new group features Fog collaborator Mark Erickson on bass and Fog / Andrew Bird group members Martin Dosh (drums) and Jeremy Ylvisaker (guitar). Cloax Ox will be making their live debut at The Turf Club on Thursday January 13th, just one night before EXTRA LARGE!

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