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EXTRA LARGE Mix IV + Superbrush interview

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It's 55 minutes of Summertime vibrations - Cumbia, reggae, dancehall, and Moombahton. Tune in for a small taste of what you'll be hearing from us Friday at the Record Room.

Roll Out Riddim
Daelduro "Bon Bon Assessino (Oro 11 remix)"
Uproot Andy "El Pescador"
Eric Bobo "MuchoCalor (Feat. Sonidero Nacional)"
El Cherman "Witness Cumbia Dub (Los Reyes De La Milagra Vs. Roots Manuva Refix)"
El Mayonesa "Pankrot Does Not Have A Price (Toe Tag Vs. Gaga Refix)"
Sabo And Cassady "Curara"
GRC va. Luz Mob "Tabacco Y Ron"
Palov And Mishkin "Ambiente Tropical"
Carribean Girl Riddim
Red Astaire "Two For The Time"
Celso Pina "Cumbia Sobre El Rio feat. Control Machete"
DJ Panik "Like This Like That"
DJ Avatar "Cumbia Internacional"
Rafa Caivano "Run For Cumbia"

Shaggy ft. Rayvon "Big Up" (Could You Be Loved riddim)
Sizzla "Cash Flow" (Rail Up riddim)
Beenie Man ft. Lisa Hyper "Nuh Stress Mi Out" (Rail Up riddim)
Ding Dong "Badman Forward Badman Pull Up"
Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots "Cumbia Nightlife (Dave Nada Moombahton edit)"
Nader vs Dice "Ugly Moombahton"
Hotta Clapz riddim + Benni Benassi "Satisfaction" acapella
Alvaro vs Lil Jon "Fucking Ghetto"
Toddla T "Take It Back (Dillon Francis remix)"
Jay Vegas "Fix Up (Sabo Moombahton edit)"
Last Word "Did It On Em"
Smalltown DJs "Autograph (Slooooowed down)"
South Rakkas Crew "Renegade Rasta"
Willy Joy "Battle For LA"

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I'm always excited to spin a night with Superbrush. I met this guy shortly after we both moved to Minneapolis from our respective prior cities. After hearing him DJ at the Dinkytowner with King Otto, I knew this guy wasn't just fuckin' around. He and I had fairly similar tastes in classic hip hop, funk, and related party bangers. His knowledge and expertise in the fields of Cumbia and other Latin music made it a no-brainer that I'd ask him to play an all-tropical night of EXTRA LARGE with me. I had Brush answer a few questions, so read up and then come party with us Friday July 8th at First Avenue's Record Room!

Please introduce yourself. Let the party people who you are!

My name is Eduardo A. Regalado, a.k.a. Superbrush 427, a.k.a. Oil slick 427 and Big Sun, amongst other names. I hail from Santa Ana, El Salvador C.A. I came to the U.S. when I was three years old. Picked up my first instrument when I was 6 years old (flute at Hoover Street Elementary), and played in as many school bands as possible. Picked up my first record when I was 7 (Cri Cri - Francisco Gabilondo Soler). Been DJing and collecting records since 1996.

So you moved from sunny El Salvador and then you spent a lot of time in sunny Los Angeles. How on earth did you end up in Minnesota and what would you say you brought with you from your time growing up in those slightly less snowy surroundings?

I came to Minnesota to go to Graduate School at Augsburg College to earn my Master’s degree in Special Education. I also came to see about Eleanor, who is my wife now.

Well, I have for sure brought some of the mindset of the immigrant experience with me—actually a lot of that. Therefore, no matter what, I persevere, especially with both music/DJing and also being a special education teacher. Because of that mindset, I am also a collective thinker. The group is much stronger than the self.

My experience in Los Angeles was all about learning how to be… excelling as an individual and making a good impact on those around me. I would also say that people—and how to relate to others—is most important to me… that frame of mind continues here in the ‘snota. So I am especially excited and honored to be doing this EXTRA LARGE night with you, bro. I’d also say I have brought some of that good old Salvi flavor with me, Mike. As you know, I love cooking and I love eating good food and I love sharing that with folks, so I try my best to infuse a little of that salvatrucho seasoning into all that I mingle with. We should go to Mananas in St. Paul on Saturday morning for brunch, my treat.

Any food recommendation from you is not gonna be a tough sell. Count me in! You did some touring with your rap group Giant Panda. Where are some of the highlights from your days on the road / in the air with them?

Ok, one good story for you…on stage with G.P. doing cuts but during a particular part of the show I am doing my piece of the end hook on "88 Remix." Once I finish, the mic slips out of my hand…so I…oh man I am actually telling this story…so as it slips out of my hand, I grab the cord and swing it back up to me, it makes a loop around and plops right back into my hand as I start the next song…man, the G.P. dudes made fun of me for that for a long while…I am just glad it worked was like an unplanned gimmick that worked beautifully…your dj practices stunts, my dj has hella stunts…boom!

A great memory is doing the “Bloquera EP” with G.P. and Thes One of People Under The Stairs. Simply put…five of us took a trip to a town called Mulegue in Baja California. We had one bag of records, one turntable, one mixer a couple MPC’s and five dudes that love music…peep it.

What kind of tunes can we expect to hear from you at EXTRA LARGE? Break down some of the different styles to the folks who might not be familiar.

At this night we can expect to hear all sorts of tasty left-field reggae and dancehall plus Cumbia Bangers from me…classics, originals, re-edits, remakes, and refixes. Plus some other groovy tunes with that latino flavor that you know you love… can’t help but start moving once you hear ‘em!

Cumbia: rooted with carribean influences with origination in Colombia. This rhythm is a straight 4/4 Rhythm with a walking bass and heavy percussive instrumentation/syncopation…infectious on the dancefloor.

Merengue: A type of music as well as a dance with origination in the Carribean as well…the D.R. to be exact. Heavy percussive elements in this one as well, yet the BPM’s will be a bit fast in this one. Traditionally a 2/4 beat

Bomba: Carribean music style with origination in Puerto Rico with heavy African influences. This music is played with a type of tom drum and other hand percussion instruments such as maracas. The dancer is as important as the music being played.

Salsa: a dance and a genre of music that exemplifies many Cuban derived genres of music. Multiple styles, multiple variations in this one man…

These four are simply mentioned because they are constantly being remixed and incorporated into all sort of music these days.

If someone was interested in learning more about Latin music, who are some of the artists they should check out to break themselves into it?

Aniceto Molina (classic Cumbia)

La Sonora Dinamita (classic Cumbia)

Any Fania All-Star dudes for Salsa (on the latin Jazz tip)

My preference: Willie Colon,Trombone Player

Marc Anthony (for some current Salsa)

Orchesta Guayacan- (Classic Tropical Salsa and Cumbia)

Pochi y su Coco Band (Some classic Merengue)

Juan Luis Guerra (Dope merengue and some boleros)

Carlos Vives (Some dope Vallenatos)

These all are older artists that will for sure give folks some taste and basis for things they might hear in some of today’s music.

Top 3 dishes from El Salvador?


Yucca Con Chicharron

Pastelitos De Carne

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