Friday, July 8, 2011

Thievery Corporation

Exhibit A, designed by me:

Exhibit B, designed by me:

Exhibit C, "designed" by Samantha Cake Robles:

Sooooo does this mean I've finally made it?

PS - I should note that the headliner, Dirty Finger, is a friend of mine and an oustanding DJ. He had nothing to do with the flyer other than being asked to spin at the party.


  1. Take it as flattery. This is typical for the genres. :D Yes, it means you're hawt!

  2. Wow.... CHOMP!
    Flattery I guess, but damn the Extra Large flyer was 2 months ago, TOO SOON.

    The internet is a small place, neighbor.

    Keep inspiring Mike! ;)

  3. Send the designer a 'Cease and desist'!!! from existing...